Embedded Systems Design And Development

Indotech has over ten years of experience in designing and developing embedded systems like smart vision systems and data acquisition & control system for automation. Product companies are expected to deliver more business value to their end customers in the dynamic business scenarios and meet the short-term and long-term objectives of their organizations. INDOTECH, with its define, design, develop and validate capabilities, backed by industry-focused R&D, simulation / prototyping facilities, domain expertise, reusable assets, solution accelerators and industry alliances, helps companies achieve their product development and sustenance initiatives.

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  • ESD is an innovative team of system architects, scientists, and engineers focused on building high performance systems.
  • ESD has developed a history of professional relationships by working closely with our commercial and intelligence community customers to turn their requirements into reality.
  • ESD solutions are independent of specific technologies; our engineers apply the most appropriate technical alternatives to meet customer requirements by utilizing current and emerging technologies.
  • ESD solves the most difficult problems, leveraging the extensive knowledge and experience of our diverse team; our organization promotes communication and technology exchange.


Micro Controller Communication Protocol Programming
MCS 8051,8052, P89V51, P89V52RD2 GSM C, Embedded C, Data structure
PIC 12fxxx, 16fxxx,18fxxxx GPS ,GPRS TCP/ IP and Socket Programming
ARM 7,ARM 9, ARM 11 RFID Linux Device Driver Programming
Friendly ARM S3C2440mini Zigbee Embedded Linux
ARM Cortex-A series, R series, M series Bluetooth Android Apps
AVR-AT mega 16/32 USB JAVA
Raspberry Pi Arduino Wi-Fi
Texas instruments, MSP-430 I2C
RTOS- RT Lunix / u-COS II Modbus
RS232/ 485

Electronics Design

This covers the design, prototyping and development of all kinds of electronic hardware. We design according to the requirements of the customer. Normally we require the specifications for a design job from the customer. In case the customer is not from the electronics field, then we can convert the requirements of the customer supplied in “plain English” to functional and electrical specifications and then proceed towards completing the design.

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Embedded Systems Design

An embedded system is the one that “embeds” a microprocessor (or a processor) or a microcontroller (MCU) into the electronics design. Usually most everyday products that we use like Power industry, solar industry, Telecom industry, automobiles, automotive industry, software and Networking industry uses embedded microcontrollers in them. The best thing about embedded systems is that most of its functions are software controlled and can be changed easily without much work lost in re-designing the hardware. Although embedded systems design are a common part of any electronic systems & used in most of our designs, it’s worth mentioning it as a separate service since some customers might be specifically looking for this service.

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PCB (Printed Circuit Board) Design & Prototyping

The printed circuit board, commonly referred to as the “PCB”, also called Printed Wiring Boards (PWB), is an inherent part of every electronic hardware. This is a board (usually green colored) which supports and interconnects all the parts together. Every custom electronics hardware that we design includes PCB layout designing, prototyping & assembly by default. We can also offer PCB layout designing (PCB designing for short) & prototyping as a standalone service in order to convert any existing schematic diagrams that you might have already designed into fully assembled prototypes.

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