Sanitary Napkin Dispenser Machine

Indotech is a leading turnkey solution provider introduces a revolutionary product Sanitary Napkin Dispensing system which is an intelligence system, that is used to provide sanitary napkins in emergency conditions.

It is a Feminine Hygiene product, created for women on the GO for an anxiety / stress free life, guaranteeing a clean India. It makes the availability of menstrual napkins easy for women in emergency cases.


  • Used for vending napkins.
  • Completely automated process.
  • GSM Alert Notification on stock available at each machine.
  • 24×7 continuous monitoring.
  • Immediate access to napkins to meet menstrual emergencies
  • Self-dispensing of napkins at the drop of a coin
  • Convenient to buy the product independently
  • Remote monitoring of availability of napkins through modem communication.

Specification :

  • Panel mounted Device, Size is - mm x mm x mm.
  • Display - 16X2 LCD display.
  • Material of Construction SS/ MS
  • ON/OFF switch.


  • Completely Self Monitoring system.
  • SMS Alerts are provided at the time of minimum stock availability and completely empty stock.
  • Indications are provide to authorized members such as maintaining person and end user.


    Operating Voltage Condition
  • Operates on AC Mains supply of 230V,50Hz.
  • User interface
  • Fault indication Î SMS Alert through GSM for service provider and Maintenance.
  • Visual indication Î Small Glass Window to check the stock availability.
  • User interface Î local display for all process visualization.


Sr. No. Model No. Specification
1 Freedom - DB50SS Dispenses 50 napkins Basic Without GSM Single Stacking
2 Freedom - DB100DS Dispenses 100 napkins Basic Without GSM Double Stacking
3 Freedom - DG50S Dispenses 50 napkins WITH GSM
4 Freedom - DG5100S Dispenses 100 napkins WITH GSM
5 Freedom - DGV50S Dispenses 50 napkins WITH GSM and Voice Process
6 Freedom - DGV100S Dispenses 100 napkins WITH GSM and Voice Process
7 Freedom - DGT50S Dispenses 50 napkins WITH GSM and Biometric Sensor
8 Freedom - DGT100S Dispenses 100 napkins WITH GSM and Biometric Sensor
9 Freedom - DGR50S Dispenses 50 napkins WITH GSM and RFID Card
10 Freedom - DGR100S Dispenses 100 napkins WITH GSM and RFID Card
Applications :

  • Schools, Colleges, Similar Training Centres.
  • Corporate Offices, Multinational Companies.
  • Public Service Centres As Railway Stations, Bus Stands.
  • Public Entertainment Centres as Cinema Hall, Gardens, Shopping Malls
  • And many more places accessible for Women.


As continuous R&D is going on, changes and improvisation may differ in delivered products.

  • Biometric Access for individuals.(Finger Print).
  • RFID Card access for individual. (Operation similar to ATM Machine).
  • Touch Screen operated module.
  • Cloud Connectivity.
  • Fault Indication On GUI (Graphical User Interface).
  • Multiple Indication Receptors.

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