Dairy Processing Plants

We are the leading organizations, engaged in supplying and exporting a qualitative range of Dairy Processing Plant. IISPL offers wide range of Dairy Plant which includes milk processing equipment of handling capacity 1K-5Lac litres per day. A number of products like milk powder, ghee, butter, cream, toned milk, double toned milk, skimmed milk, can also be manufactured. First Milk is collected in a dump tank from the road milk tankers.

Then it is chilled in a chilling unit to 4ºC. This chilled milk is then sent to a milk Pasteurizer and cream is separated from milk in by the Cream Separator to get skimmed milk. After this, milk is passed through Homogenizer to equalize the milk particles. Then Depending on the requirement Milk is standardized into toned milk, double toned milk, skimmed milk or full cream milk. Then from separated cream different products are manufactured such as ghee and butter.

The pasteurized milk is sent for packing in pouches in the Packing Machine for various capacities like ½ kg, 1 kg , 2 kg pouches. We offer this milk processing plant according to the client’s needs on a turnkey basis.

AMF Panels

We also offer a quantitative range of milk products manufacturing plants on turnkey basis as per customer’s requirements and needs.

Milk Chilling Plant Milk Powder Plant
UHT Milk Plant Cold Storage
Condensed Milk Plant Flavoured Milk Plant
Extended Shelf Life Systems

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