Corona Killer Machine

Product Description

Indotech is a leading turnkey solution provider introduces Patented CORONA KILLER surface disinfectant from corona viruses and like. The new 2019-nCoV Corona Virus is enveloped virus. We still dont know how long virus can survive on surface. In order to keep our surrondings safe, this solution disinfect areas that have lot of people, using an efficient method of Ionizing Surfaces.

Salient Features

  • Contactless Disinfectant: Sterlises entire target volume includin air, which is not reachable by soaps and sanitisers.
  • Continuos Disinfection: Automatically maintains a sterlile environment n the target volume, without requiring human intervention.
  • Universal Configuration: Can be configured for any dimension of target volume.
  • Zero Operational Cost: Requires no consumables, ensuring zero operational cost.

Models availabile

Model C-1100 C-1130 C-1130A C-3160 C-3160A
Power Supply Voltage 230V AC, 50Hz
Area Coverage 10-1000 1100-3000 1100-3000 3100-6000 3100-6000
Discharge Time 20 Minutes
Indicators LCD Display OLED Graphical Display OLED Graphical Display 6 inch Touch Screen 6 inch Touch Screen
Remote Control Yes
Real Time Schedules NA NA YES NA YES
Battery Backup NA NA 5 hrs NA NA
Smartphone App NA NA Yes NA YES
ION Monitering System NA Optional Optional YES YES
MOC NS Poweder SS SS SS Aluminium Frame SS Aluminium Frame
Weight(KG) 2 17 20 18 18


  • Hospitals, Clinics.
  • Police Stations.
  • Quarentine Facilities.
  • Essential Service Offices
  • Government Offices.
  • Schools, Colleges, Classrooms.
  • Train and Railway Stations.
  • Grocery and Medical Stores.
  • Public Bathrooms,Halls
  • Hotels, Guest Rooms, Resturants.

Optional Features

As continuous R&D is going on, changes and improvisation may differ in delivered products.

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