Sanitary Napkin Disposal Incinerator

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Product Description

Indotech a leading turnkey solution provider introduces stainless steel sanitary pad incinerator. It is an automatic napkin destroyer manufactured with a high rate of reliability. It is the best solution for sanitary napkin disposing needs where the used napkins are converted into a sterile ash. it helps to instant disposal of a used napkins in a very Scientific, Hygienic and pollution free.

Salient Features

  • Instant disposal of used Napkins in a very scientific and hygienic way.
  • Stainless Steel body for maximum lifetime.
  • Easy and convenient to install and Wall Mountable.
  • Power saving mode.
  • Automatic ignition system when napkin is dropped.
  • Alarm system for ash tray cleaning.
  • Convenient to buy the product independently
  • Remote monitoring of availability of napkins through modem communication.

Specification :

  • Incinerator rate-100 napkins per day.
  • SS coated both inner and outer to maintain hygiene.
  • Dimensions-box: 425x235x235mm.
  • Controlling box: 320x235x100mm.
  • Weight- 16 kg.
  • Burning capacity: 500 napkin

TECHNICAL Specification :

  • System is controlled by the microcontroller.
  • Power rating – 1000W.
  • Maximum temperature inside chamber 500˚c.
  • Sleep mode to save the power
  • System operating temperature 0-80 ˚

Models availabile

Sr. No. Model No. Specification
1 Freedom - IG100S Napkin Burning Capacity upto 100 Napkin with GSM
2 Freedom - IG150S Napkin Burning Capacity upto 150 Napkin with GSM
3 Freedom - I100S Napkin Burning Capacity upto 100 Napkin without GSM
4 Freedom - I150S Napkin Burning Capacity upto 150 Napkin without GSM


  • Schools, Colleges, Similar Training Centres.
  • Corporate Offices, Multinational Companies.
  • Public Service Centres As Railway Stations, Bus Stands.
  • Public Entertainment Centres as Cinema Hall, Gardens, Shopping Malls
  • And many more places accessible for Women.

Optional Features

As continuous R&D is going on, changes and improvisation may differ in delivered products.
  • Biometric Access for individuals.(Finger Print).
  • RFID Card access for individual. (Operation similar to ATM Machine).
  • Touch Screen operated module.
  • Cloud Connectivity.
  • Fault Indication On GUI (Graphical User Interface).
  • Multiple Indication Receptors.

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