Automatic Power Factor Correction Panels ( APFC Panels )

We design and manufacture automatic power factor correction panel. (contactor switching) Power Factor is ratio which represents actual power dissipated in A.C. circuit to the product of R.M.S. voltage and current. The phase difference between voltage and current is caused by reactance in circuit and represents power that does no useful work.

Power factor is low in industrial settings where most of the plant energy is used to power electric motors. It is lowest when the induction motors tend to be oversized and under-loaded. A lagging (less than 1.0) power factor causes some additional energy loss because more current is required to deliver a required amount of power. Correcting power factor can be an appropriate and cost-effective measure.

Inductive load is major cause of poor factor and which is responsible for unnecessarily power loss, hence it results in rise of electricity bills of industrial, commercial consumer so Reactive power compensation is very need of today’s industries. We can easily control and maintain power factor near to unity with Automatic Power Factor Correction Panel.

APFC Panel Provides

  • Automatic power factor correction

  • Wide range of correction stages 4 - 14 stage

  • Dampen effect of transient during capacitor switching

  • Optimum reactive power compensation.

  • Savings and incentives in electricity bills

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