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Earthing Electrode

The Earthing Electrode diameter and the thickness of the strip depends on the soil conditions as well as the application load .It will be of 2mtrs and 3mtrs in length depending upon the soil condition and application load.

Earth Enhance Compound

For 2 Mtrs electrode 1 Bag of Earth Enhance Compound is required. For 3 Mtrs electrode 2Bags of Earth Enhance Compound are required. The quantity of Compound. may increase depending upon the soil conditions.


  • Less maintenance
  • Reliable & long average life upto 20 to 25 years
  • Smooth dissipation of fault, lightning and short circuit current
  • Capable of absorbing and retaining moisture for a long time period
  • Reduces soil resistivity
  • Enables dissipation of fault current faste
  • Allows least ohmic value fluctuation
  • Eliminates the need for salt and charcoal around electrode
  • Maintains compatibility of soil along with rod contact


  • Type of Earthing : Sealed maintenance free chemical filled earthing electrode
  • Diameter of the pipe : 40mm/80mm(as per user requirement )
  • Length of the pipe : 1000mm/2000mm/3000mm
  • GBFC(Ground enrichment material) : Minimum 25kg/50kg it is soil enrichment chemical mainly consisting Aluminum Silicate

INDO Cu Earthing :

Copper Earthing Electrode plays a very important role in all electrical systems. The appropriately designed and installed earthing system i.e. earthing rods or grounding rods will protect both lives & equipments.


  • Capable of carrying high currents repeatedly
  • Low electrical resistance to earth
  • Good Corrosion resistance
  • A reliable life of at least 30 years


  • Copper Plate size- 600x600
  • Thickness of copper plate- 3-12mm
  • Copper strip size-50x3mm
  • Depth of Rod -8 feet

INDO GI Earthing :

GI Earthing Electrode provides a low-impedance ground in locations of high soil resistivity. The system dissipates lightning energy and other dangerous electrical fault currents, even in sandy or rocky soil conditions, due to the grounding minerals.


  • Total resistance against corrosion
  • Ensures uniform earth contact resistance for the entire lifetime of the installation
  • Optimal electrical conductivity
  • Mechanical strength
  • Permits connection to other Earthing system


  • GI Plate size- 600x600 to 1200x1200mm
  • Thickness of GI plate- 6-24mm
  • GI strip size-50x6mm
  • Depth Of Rod-8 feet

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