Lightning Arresters

Indotech introduces lightning arrester that provides three phase comprehensive for grounding solution and lightning protection. Our system is single point grounding system. We design lightning arrester to give maximum protection against direct lightning strikes.Charge dissipation technology uses the point discharge principle to facilitate the dissipation of a build-up of static charges. The sole purpose of static dissipation product is to reduce the accumulation of electrical charges and thereby prevent an electrical arc or an electrical current flow that can cause damage.

This same technology has been successfully applied to the lightning protection industry by developing product line that can be mounted on the structures to reduce the accumulation of ground charge.

A single point, such as on a lightning rod or as occurs on a corner of tower or structure will reach a point of saturation of extent that it cannot disperse charge at fast enough rate to keep up with the charge accumulation. These areas then become the points where steamers will form, thereby attracting a lightning strike to themselves.


  • Optional fully copper/High grade copper bonded steel construction
  • Light in weight and easy to install
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Large section of mounting hardware
  • Independent tested


Sr. No. Model No. Specification
1 IISPL14 LA01 Lightning arrester of copper coating
2 IISPL14 LA02 Lightning arrester of fully copper


  • 100% Effective in dealing with discharge
  • Electrical continuity guaranteed, carries lighting current without resistance
  • Non-electronic lightning rod, ensuring its long life
  • Technical qualities remain unaffected after each strike
  • With no electronics, so there is no risk of melting
  • No external power supply is required
  • Ensuring its effective operation after each lightning strike
  • No special maintenance is needed

Early Streamer Emission

An Early Streamer Emission (ESE) terminal monitors the surrounding voltage in the air, since the thunder clouds create electric field directly beneath them. When sensing a high electrostatics field ESE lightening conductors generate controlled magnitude and frequency pulses to create upward steamers. These upward streamers reach up toward downward leaders to form lightning. As part of a total lightning protection system, the electrical charge is then captured and directed around and away from vulnerable points and into the ground.


  • Economic
  • Offers a more preemptive defense
  • Possible to protect several buildings with the same lightening conductor
  • Lightening impulse current 200 KA protection in radius format
  • Lightening conductor can be installed outside at dangerous zone


  • Final Tip: Chrome plated brass tip
  • Panel Material: Anodised Aluminium
  • Terminal Colour: Gold
  • Weight: 1.8-2.8Kg
  • Insulation Material: UV rated Evoprene
  • Down Conductor connection: Lugs Connection


Sr. No. Type Range
1 ESE Level 01 82m
2 >ESE Level 02 100m
3 >ESE Level 03 110m

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