Diesel Generators

A Diesel Generator is used to generate electrical energy. It is the combination of a diesel engine with an electric generator (alternator) .Diesel generators are used as source of emergency power supply when there is failure in grid power. Diesel generators are also used in Co-gen plant in sugar factory, when grid fails Diesel generators are used.

Application Area :

  • Home Application
  • Hospital
  • Dairy Industry
  • Sugar Industry
  • Textile Industry
  • Chemical Industry
  • Construction Area
  • Telecom Industry

All other industries & places where power is required in case of grid failure.

  • Civil Foundation & DG Room
  • DG Control, AMF, Synchronization Panels
  • DG Set Installation & Commissioning
  • Supply, Laying & Termination of Power & Control Cables
  • Connectivity of DG Sets to the central monitoring system
  • Generation of MIS data for DG Sets to reduce opex

We deal in the different kind of generator sets :

  • Diesel Generator (AC & DC)
  • CNG / LPG Generators
  • Biomass Generators

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