Solar Water Heater Systems

We are blessed with solar energy in abundance at no cost. That’s why to utilize this god gifted energy and to help you to reduce your daily expenses considerably Indotech has come forward with an effective system of Solar water Heaters. With their simple design and effective water heating capability it has already proven best solution for electric heaters and gas geysers. Being an eco-friendly energy source it automatically leads us toward achieving a goal of clean environment.


  • High efficiency
  • Best insulation provided by evacuated glass tubes.
  • PUF insulation provided to ensure lowconduction and convection losses.
  • Low cost and long life.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Easy to install.


  • Tube length: 1800mm
  • Tube diameter: 58mm
  • Vacuum tube Coating: AL/N/AL
  • Material of Vacuum tube: borosilicate with thickness of 1.6mm
  • Slope angle: 30degree
  • Inner tank material: GI metal sheet with thickness of 0.5mm
  • Outer tank material: Powder coated GI metal sheet with thickness of 0.4mm and PUF insulation
  • Side cover: Galvanized steel with thickness of 0.4mm
  • Support frame: MS sheet with thickness of 1.5mm
  • Thickness of the Warm-keeper:55mm


Specification Diameter of Vacuum Tube (mm) Tube Length (mm) Tube Qty. Diameter of tank - Inner tank (mm) & Outer tank (mm) Warm Keeper (Poly-urethane) mm Tank Capacity (Ltr.)
IISPL58 1800-10 58 1800 10 360 470 55 100
IISPL58 1800-20 58 1800 20 360 470 55 200
IISPL58 1800-30 58 1800 30 360 470 55 300

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