We supply following compressors which are being used in industries.

  • Reciprocating compressor
  • Screw compressor
  • Scroll compressor

1. Reciprocating compressor :

Refrigerents :

R22(Freon), R717(NH3 i.e ammonia), R-134a other HFC ( hydro fluro carbon) which are ozone friendly.

Capacities offered :

upto 500 TR

Attainable temperature ranges ::

Upto -20 deg.

2. Screw compressor :

These compressors gives the highest efficiency and are used for a very large capacity.

3. Scroll compressors-Refrigerents:R134a, R22, R407C, R507 :

Attainable temperature ranges :

Upto -20 deg.

Capacities offered :

2 to 30 TR

Applications :

Food & beverage processing, preservation, ice plants, process refrigeration that includes pharmaceuticals, chemical, HVAC applications including water chillers, residential,light commercial, commercial AC.

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