Maximum Demand Controlling Systems

Indotech introduces an effective component, Maximum Demand Controller to make sure that the maximum demand of current does not exceed the contracted demand. These devices avoid the risk of limit crossing, penalties and disconnection which makes them very useful for broad range of applications.


  • Password Protection for settings
  • Adjustable Integration time of 15 Minutes or 30 Minutes
  • Programmable CT primary
  • Adjustable demand settings
  • Manipulating facility
  • Clock setting facility to match EB clock
  • Friendly user interface
  • Easy to install
  • Continuous Display of
  • Average KVA demand
  • Instantaneous demand, RMS Voltage, RMS Current


  • Voltage: 3ph. 415v AC
  • Current(Ib):1A or 5A
  • Imax:120% of Ib
  • Frequency:50 Hz ± 5%
  • Display:Back lit LCD
  • Communication Port:RS 232 Serialcommunication
  • Calibration output Pulse output:LED proportional to Active Energy
  • Alarm/Load Control Outputs Relay contacts: 8A, 250V ac
  • Relay hysteresis:1% of target setting


  • Automatic Engine Start/Stop
  • Engine Protection
  • Generator Protection

Sr. No. Model No. Description
1 IISPL48 MDC 04 Four Input Maximum Demand Controller
2 IISPL49 MDC 08 Eight Input Maximum Demand Controller

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