Static Voltage Regulators & Servo Voltage Stabilizer

We offer reliable corrections against the voltage fluctuations to the valuable devices connected to raw electricity SVR uses the advanced micro controller based digital controller to control the high speed MOSFET & IGBTs for the basic voltage correction rate & speed correction also. The complete absence of moving parts demand zero maintenance, enhance reliability thereby further reducing service trips & network down time man days. These true RMS based static stabilizers are specially design as per requirements & specifications of user.

Servo Voltage Stabilizers

Indotech introduces INDO SERVOSTABILIZER. This 3 phase Digital servo Voltage Stabilizers are specially designed for supplying a controlled and continuous 3 phase AC power supply in situation of fluctuating power. The standard models of these Indo Servo stabilizers are ideal for balance & unbalanced type3 phase supply load. These are designed using Micro-controller based control circuits that ensure minimum break down during the operation.


  • Based on single chip Micro-Computer Logic with LCD Diaply
  • High torque, Quick response Servo Motor
  • Air cooled voltage stabilizer
  • Overload Protection & Cut-off Alarm
  • Overvoltage /Under voltage protection & alarm
  • Settable parameters of overvoltage & under voltage through keypad
  • Correction method using variac
  • Suitable for unbalanced load
  • Alarm System
  • High Accuracy


  • Supply Voltage : 310V to 500V
  • Nominal Output Voltage : 415V AC
  • Accuracy : +- 1%
  • Voltage regulation: +-2%
  • Correction Speed: 110 V/sec
  • Frequency: 47Hz-53Hz
  • Efficiency: 97%
  • Cooling : Air Cooled
  • Operating mode: Auto/Manual using bypass switch
  • Operating Temperature: -15°C to 50°C
  • Enclosure: Sheet Steel Fabrication with Powder Coated Finish
  • Size (LxWxH)(mm): 800x350x755


Sr. No. Model No. Specification
1 IISPL SPSS 01 Single Phase Servo Stabilizer (500VA)
2 IISPL SPSS02 Single Phase Servo Stabilizer (1KVA)
3 SPSS03 Single Phase Servo Stabilizer (2KVA)
4 SPSS04 Single Phase Servo Stabilizer( 5KVA )
5 SPSS05 Single Phase Servo Stabilizer (10KVA)
6 3PSS01 Three Phase Servo Stabilizer (10KVA)
7 3PSS02 Three Phase Servo Stabilizer (15KVA)
8 3PSS03 Three Phase Servo Stabilizer (20KVA)
9 3PSS04 Three Phase Servo Stabilizer (25KVA)
10 3PSS05 Three Phase Servo Stabilizer (30KVA)

Some of the key requirements of todays power management solutions include less power consumption under various load conditions, less space, high reliability and wide input voltage. To fulfill these requirements Indotech introducing highly efficient, wide Vin, Low Quiescent current (IQ) switching regulators called as SMPS (Switch Mode power Supply) to be useful in broad range of application.

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