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Bulk Milk Coolers

Product Description

Bulk Milk Cooler is for bigger size co-operative collection centers and is available from 500 - 5000 liter capacities. These coolers are based on direct expansion type technology with improved evaporator. This is an excellent bulk milk cooler, which helps in improving milk quality by cooling it at collection center itself, before it gets transported to the dairies. With BMC the milk can be chilled to 4°C, in very short duration.

Direct Expansion Type Bulk Milk Cooling System :

IISPL offers following types of boilers :

  • Inner tank, outer tank, evaporator & top cover AISI 304 - 2 mm thickness
  • Horizontal semi cylindrical & Elliptical shapes
  • Tank is fitted with no-foam inlet & outlet 51 mm butterfly valve Agitator
  • Temperature controller for sensing the milk temperature
  • Dipstick for the measurement of milk volume
  • Adjustable ball feet to adjust height

Electric Control Panel :

  • Provided with starter, ON/OFF switch, MCB, Safety devices complete with wiring
  • Digital temperature controller to display milk temperature (Individual starters)

Technical Features :

  • Capacity 500 to 5000 liters
  • Cooling from ambient temperature to 4°C
  • Cooling Time for all milking not more than 3 Hours
  • Design as per of ISO 5708 and OCI improved technique

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