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Homogenization is the process of converting two immiscible liquids (i.e. liquids that are not soluble, in all proportions, one in another). Homogenization is achieved by a mechanical device called a homogenizer. A homogenizer is equipment used for the homogenization of various types of Milk such as Pasteurized Milk, Cream Milk, Flavored Milk and many others. A typical example is the homogenization of milk, where the milk fat globules are reduced in size and dispersed uniformly through the rest of the milk.

One of the applications of homogenization is in milk processing. It is normally preceded by "standardization" (the mixing of several different milking herds and/or dairies to produce more consistent raw milk prior to processing and to prevent, reduce and delay natural separation of cream from the rest of the emulsion). The fat in milk normally separates from the water and collects at the top. Homogenization breaks the fat into smaller sizes so it no longer separates, allowing the sale of non-separating milk at any fat specification.

We supply homogenizer of Capacity :

500 LPH to 20000 LPH.

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