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Pasteurization or pasteurization is a process of heating a food, which is usually a liquid, to a specific temperature for a predefined length of time and then immediately cooling it. This process slows spoilage caused by microbial growth in the food/ Milk.

Pasteurizers can work in a number of different ways. One of the most common styles is the high temperature for short time (HTST), which brings food to a very high temperature for a brief period to kill bacteria before rapidly cooling it. Heat regeneration of up to 90% to 92%. Pasteurizers can also be used for ultra-heat treatment (UHT), high pressure pasteurization (HPP), and extended shelf life (ESL) pasteurization.

Dairy Industry :

  • Liquid Milk
  • Milk Processing Plant
  • Cream
  • Yoghurt Milk
  • Cheese Milk
  • Ice-Cream Mix
  • Sour Milk Products

Beverage Industry :

  • Pasteurization of fruit juices
  • Beer
  • Wine
  • Syrups
  • Non-carbonated soft drinks

Vegetable Oil Industry :

  • Vegetable Oil

Sugar Industry :

  • Cane Juice

Indotech offers you a great range of Pasteurizers :

Capacities of our standard units for Pasteurizer machine 5, 00 Liters/hour to 50,000 Liters/hour for milk, 2,500 Liters/hour to 10,000 Liters/hour for cream and for beverage, Vegetable oil and sugar industry 500 Liters/hour to 30,000 Liters/hour.

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