S. S. Storage Tanks

Design Capacity: 100 LTR to 100000 LTR

We are one of the leading manufacturers of Pharmaceutical Stainless Steel (S.S 316/304) Storage Tanks. S.S. Storage tanks are used for storage of highly corrosive chemicals, high/low temperature chemicals etc. Tanks are suitable for CIP, include spray balls etc. Please find below the types of S.S. Tanks manufactured :

  • S.S. Dump/Balance Tanks
  • S.S. jacketed Tanks
  • S.S. Insulated Storage Tanks
  • S.S. Silos
  • Stainless Steel Pressure Vessels
  • Bulk Storage Tanks
We also design & supply special purpose S.S. tanks as per customer requirement.

Chemical And Pharmaceuticals

Refrigeration is crucial in the production of chemical and pharmaceutical products.

In the processing industries involving chemicals and pharmaceuticals refrigeration has become absolutely necessary .It cools after chemical processes have developed heat.

Transformation of chemical raw materials into finished products includes activities such as heating, mixing, separating, cooling and freezing to name but a few of the processes undertaken in a typical chemical plant. Precise temperature control using custom-built cooling equipment is essential to maintain the thermal balance in a chemical process.

We design and construct purpose built chillers to match all special requirements including those for explosion proof environments.

There are a variety of different processes and production sequences in the chemical and pharmaceuticals industry which have to be refrigerated :

  • Reactor cooling
  • Heat exchanger cooling
  • Deep freeze storage
  • Other processes

For this purpose, we offer refrigeration systems such as :

  • Split chillers
  • Compact chillers
  • Cooling tower systems
  • Low temperature systems
  • Heat exchangers
  • Cascade refrigeration systems

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