Sevage Treatment Plant

Product Description

Sevage treatment is the process of removing contaminants from wastewater and household sewage, both runoff (effluents) and domestic. It includes physical, chemical, and biological processes to remove physical, chemical and biological contaminants. Its objective is to produce a waste stream (or treated effluent) and a solid waste or sludge suitable for discharge or reuse back into the environment. This material is often inadvertently contaminated with many toxic organic and inorganic compounds.

Benefits of Sevage Treatment Plant :

  • Rids Potential Diseases. Wastewater treatment systems eliminate disease-causing bacteria and kills harmful organisms.
  • Low-Cost.
  • Minimal Odour Emissions.
  • No Water Bills.
  • Little Maintenance.
  • Break Down Solids Faster.
  • Less Wasteful.

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