Sugar Plants

Product Description

Cogeneration is used to generate electricity and useful heat. IISPL provide cogeneration plant consisting of steam boiler, turbine & electrical substations. In cogeneration high temperature heat first drives a steam turbine or gas turbine power generator. Steam or gas turbine is coupled with alternator, which produces electricity. The generated electricity is then transferred to electrical substation for further use. We offer co-generation plant from 500 KWPD to 10 MWPD.

Mini Sugar Plants

IISPL provide mini sugar plants that are high on demand in market and comply with the international standards. Our mini sugar plants consist of following future

  • Required less space
  • Less maintenance
  • Robust in construction
  • Low initial Investment
  • Operation & control is easier

Mini Sugar Plant Consist of following equipment :

  • Weighbridge
  • Sugar Cane Crushers
  • Dryers
  • Ovens
  • Centrifugal Machines
  • Crystallizers
  • Weighing Machine
  • Packing Equipment

We provide Mini Sugar Plant from capacity 50 TCD to 1000 TCD (Ton Cane per day).

Bagasse Handling Systems :

Now a days, due to the shortage of electricity or power failure many industries face huge problems. To overcome these, Central Govt. has sanctioned co-generation plants, to many industries, to be self efficient for their electrical needs.

  1. Location of conveying :
  2. For Bagasse based Boiler to convey the Bagasse from Bagasse Elevator and existing RBC to new Boiler and From Bagasse storage yard to boilers to generate electricity

  3. Scope of supply :
  4. This system includes Turn key job of design, engineering, manufacturing supply erection and commissioning with all electrical equipments.

  5. Belt Sizes :
  6. 500 mm to 2200 mm

  7. Chain Conveyor :
  8. 800 to 2000 mm effective width of chain and Slat conveyor.

  9. Capacity :
  10. Starts from 5 TPH to 150 TPH respectively.

  11. Power Generated :
  12. 10 MW to 52 MW.

  13. Design :
  14. System designed as per IS: 11592 and structural material (Belt, pulleys, idlers etc.) as per IS standards.

Ash Handling Systems

The Ash generated by the use of Bagasse and coal as fuel is needed to be handled very carefully as it pollutes air and water. Group Engineers is the master in doing so.

  1. Location of conveying :
  2. Various discharge points of Boilers to conveys The wet and dry ash from various discharge points of Boilers to Ash storage Silo including sub-merged Belt Conveyor to Silo with structure.

  3. Belt Sizes :
  4. 500 mm to 1000 mm.

  5. Belt capaclty :
  6. 2 TPH to 25 TPH.

  7. Power Generated :
  8. 10 MW to 52 MW

  9. Design :
  10. System designed as per IS : 11529 and structural material ( Belt, pulley, idler etc.) and structural material as per IS standard.

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