Tomato Puree Plants

Product Description

Tomato Ketchup /Puree/ Paste / Sauce Processing Plant & Machinery

We manufacture and install tomato processing plant & machinery for tomato Paste, Ketchup, Sauce. We supplied tomato processing equipments such as Tomato washer, conveyor, crushing, pasteurization, evaporation, filling & packaging bottles & pouches. Tomato paste processing line in cold-break and hot-break system starting from 2 to 20 ton/hour with different level of automation and different feeding systems of whole tomato. Can be used to make as tomato puree tomato paste, tomato ketchup, tomato sauce and peeled tomato in cans. The packaging product in cans, bottles, pouches, aseptic bag in drum. Our lines are characterized from long-experience know-how, strong construction and energy saving.

Complete sets of tomato ketchup & paste & puree production line:

  • Washing Machine
  • Sorting Conveyor
  • Elevator
  • Crusher
  • Cold/Hot Break System
  • Tubular Pre heater Pasteurizer
  • Pulping Machine
  • Vacuum Evaporator / Continuous / forced circulation evaporator
  • Filling Line-- Can Filling Machine / Bottle Filling Machine / Sachet filling Machine / Aseptic bag in drum filling machine

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